Tuesday, September 13, 2011


The L.A. County Fair

We went to the L.A. County Fair for a few hours and the girls loved it! There was so much for them to see! Auntie Lora, Uncle Russell, Ivee and Grandmama went too!

Ivee and Mackenzie are BFF!!
Mommy won Mackenzie a stuffed animal!
Grandmama and Auntie Lora were soaking wet after riding a roller coaster!
By the end of the night Mommy won all three babies stuff animals with her mad skills at games!!


 Ivee and Mackenzie= BFF

 Kaelyn is a BIG helper feeding Madelyn
 Jill opening her presents!!!

 YAY!! She got a much needed new purse! :)
 Me opening presents!!

 The BEST gift I could have gotten... A book my mom made of my precious girls!!
I LOVE IT!!! Thanks mom!
Madelyn is so happy riding on the horse!


While watching Ivee one our normal Monday evening I decided it would be fun to try out a photo idea my friend had! It was hard work getting the girls to sit still, but it was so much fun have them roll and crawl around all naked!

Mackenzie, Ivee, and Cheyanne!

Cheyanne wanted to do her own little photo shoot!!

She really studied that outlet to see how to get the covers off!!

 Cheyanne decided Ivee needed a massage! Oh my silly girl!!

This was such a fun week! Cheyanne is so crazy and is doing so many new things! She got her second tooth on the bottom! It was definitely not a fun process for mommy and grandmama! She has started her temper tantrums and they are the worst I have ever seen from any baby! She has so much personality and is already testing her limits by getting into just about everything and going after things i take away from her numerous times through out the day!! She is so loving and is full of sunshine! She loves to see everything around her!  Cheyanne is also an OFFICIAL CRAWLER!!!
Mackenzie is my sweet baby! She is discovering so much also like different textures. She loves to feel the carpet and the hard wood floor. She is so excited when she recognizes people she knows and loves! She is so happy and likes to talk to Cheyanne even though Cheyanne ignores her! She is rolling around the floor and doing the army crawl! She gets up on all fours so it wont be long before both of them are crawling around getting into everything and everywhere! Mackenzie can be a very serious girl and likes to study people! She will ALWAYS win the staring contest!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Visit to North Carolina!

This week grandmama, the girls, and I went on a trip to North Carolina to visit my grandparents! The girls
did so good on their first plane ride!

We did a little photo shoot after the girls warmed up to everyone! Cheyanne was more interested in her surroundings and Mackenzie did NOT want to be outside!

                                    Great Grandma Chris and Great Grandpa Greg with the girls!

My Great Aunt Norma has been living with my grandparents for the last year to help with my Grandpa Greg! We loved spending time with her!!
Mom, Aunt Norma, Me, and the girls! 


The girls took their first bath together in Great Grandma Chris' big bath tub! They loved splashing!

Another FUN thing that happened while on our trip is Cheyanne got her first tooth!  
We are so glad we were able to go visit! Our trip was so relaxing and enjoyable its going to be hard for us to leave tomorrow to go home! We love you Grandma Chris, Grandpa Greg, and Aunt Norma!